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QW Language School Pathway Program

Ever dreamed of studying at a Canadian university or college but feel you do not have the language skills? QW Language School’s pathway program helps students actualize their goals. While students can study to improve their English language skills, once they have finished their language and secondary school studies, QW’s staff can assist in helping them to get accepted into the post-secondary institute(s) of their choice.

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Applying on Your Behalf

Once you’ve completed your language studies, QW Language School’s staff can advise you on your application and help you get to the institution(s) of your choice. Our team will give tips on how to complete applications, deadlines to submit, and assist in gathering requirements that different institutions needed.

NOTE: International students often require a certain test score in English language in cumulative English skillsets of reading, listening, writing, and speaking. QW Language School can help with that, as its partner firm provides testing services onsite as well as test preparation courses to ensure students get the score they require by their desired college or university.

Our Partners

As a bonus, QW Language School has partnered with several post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States to help students further their studies easier. Students already enrolled at QW Language School can enroll to these institutions directly from school and expedite their university or college applications faster.

Acceptance and Counselling

The thrill of getting into a post-secondary academy of a young student’s choice is immeasurable. QW Language School wants its student body enjoy this time and realize their goals without hassle or confusion. Our team can stand behind its students to see that they get to the institute of their choice and also get some extra advice to further ensure their post-secondary studies are enjoyable.

After successfully completing ESL courses, our students are accepted by renowned universities and colleges


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